Implement Daily Routine for Dementia Patients: Anxiety Help

Have you ever awoken from a dream feeling totally disoriented? The dream seemed so real, that it takes a moment to regain your bearings. For someone with dementia, this confusion is part of everyday life. To help a loved one feel more secure, establishing a daily routine for dementia patients is an easy-to-implement solution that …

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Invisible Disabilities in Seniors: Avoiding Ableism

What’s your first thought when you see a person in a wheelchair? Do you identify that person as less-than, someone in need of being fixed? Do you presume they need special treatment, as though a physical disability impacts intellect as well? How does your thinking shift to see someone standing upright, without the need for …

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Break Out of an Ordinary Caregiver Routine With These Tips

It’s hard to admit but even harder to avoid. Becoming bored with your role as family caregiver is a very common response to spending a great deal of time together, completing exactly the same tasks, participating in exactly the same activities, and running out of interesting conversation topics. This is not by any means associated …

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Picture representing family reviewing the costs of home care services

Managing the Cost of Home Care in Maryland

The cost of home care in Maryland can be a significant financial burden for families. According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the average cost of homemaker services in Maryland is $4,506 per month, while the average cost of home health aide services is $$4,594 per month. This was assuming approximately 40 hours of …

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