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In-Home Skilled Nursing

Over 12 million individuals currently require some form of home health care, yet many do not qualify for full coverage under Medicare. We provide skilled nursing care at home to fill this crucial gap, ensuring your loved one receives the necessary medical attention without the worry of coverage restrictions.

Skilled Nursing Care Services

Navigating the complexities of home care can be stressful, especially when facing the recovery from surgery, managing chronic conditions, or adapting to new health challenges. Our Skilled Nursing Services bridge the gap between clinical care and the comfort of home, offering a comprehensive solution tailored to your individual needs. We provide immediate access to high-quality, personalized medical care—free from the delays and limitations often associated with Medicare. Discover the difference that professional, compassionate in-home skilled nursing care can make.

Who Benefits From In-Home Skilled Nursing Care?

Skilled nursing services provide essential, personalized medical care at home, ensuring safety, accuracy, and the best possible health outcomes. These in-home skilled nursing options are especially beneficial for individuals who:

  • Encounter gaps in Medicare coverage, requiring extended care or additional services not fully covered
  • Require immediate or specialized medical attention post-hospital discharge
  • Need assistance with managing complex medical regimens due to multiple chronic conditions.
  • Have experienced complications or hospital re-admissions
  • Need quick, specialized nursing care at home after hospital discharge
  • Prefer customized care plans with more control over their service

Gabriel Benefits from Skilled Nursing Services

We promise to give you clear cost information so you understand the financial side of our health care services. We accept a variety of payment options, including:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • ACH Payments

In Maryland, skilled nursing services vary depending on the type of care needed. Each situation is unique and we encourage families to call 240-673-6377 to discuss their specific needs with us.

Medicare coverage for skilled nursing services is limited and subject to specific conditions and requirements. For those services not covered by Medicare, or when Medicare coverage is exhausted, private pay becomes a necessary option. Our Skilled Nursing Services provide a comprehensive solution that goes beyond the limitations of Medicare, offering personalized, immediate care tailored to each client’s unique needs.

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This step-by-step approach ensures that every aspect of your care is personalized, from selecting the right caregiver to setting a flexible schedule. We’re here to make the transition to home care as smooth and supportive as possible for you and your loved ones.

Schedule a Free Consultation

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your or your loved one’s care needs. You can arrange this over the phone, via video call, or in person, according to your preference and convenience.

Assessment of Needs

During the consultation, a care manager will conduct a comprehensive assessment to understand the care requirements, preferences, lifestyle, and any specific requests you may have. This step is crucial for tailoring our services to your unique situation.

Discussing Care Options and Plans

After evaluating, we will discuss the best care choices, such as services, finding a caregiver, scheduling, and costs. This is an excellent opportunity to ask any questions and express any concerns you might have.

Customizing Your Care Plan

Together, we’ll customize a care plan that meets your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Our goal is to make sure you get the assistance you need.

Next Steps

If you decide to use our services, we will guide you through the next steps. No pressure to make an immediate decision, and we encourage you to take the time you need.

Start of Care

This step marks an important step in our journey together. Our care team will make sure your caregiver is ready to give you quality home care service based on your customized care plan.

By focusing our services in select areas, we ensure that, regardless of your needs, our most experienced caregivers have you covered.

  • Anne Arundel County
  • Baltimore County
  • Caroline County
  • Cecil County
  • Charles County
  • Dorchester County
  • Kent County
  • Queen Anne’s County
  • Talbot County

Skilled nursing care encompasses a range of services, such as wound care, medication management, catheter care, and rehabilitation therapies. Our Nurses also provide education to patients and caregivers on managing health conditions and medications.

Skilled nursing services involve medical tasks that require the expertise of licensed nurses, while home health aide services focus on assisting with personal care tasks such as bathing, grooming, and meal preparation. Our skilled nursing services must be ordered by a physician.

Our skilled nursing care can be provided on both a short-term and long-term basis, depending on your individual needs and medical condition. Skilled nursing care is typically needed following a hospitalization, during recovery from surgery, or for ongoing management of chronic illnesses.

Private pay for skilled nursing services gives individuals and families greater flexibility and control over the type and frequency of care they receive. Unlike insurance coverage, private pay allows access to skilled nursing care without restrictions or limitations.

To ensure our home care services are accessible to all, we provide flexible payment plans and financing options designed to alleviate the financial strain on families. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to tailor a payment plan that aligns with your budget.

Yes, with our private pay skilled nursing services, you have the flexibility to customize the frequency and duration of visits based on your individual needs and preferences. Our agency works with you to create a schedule that aligns with your care requirements and lifestyle, ensuring you receive the support you need, when you need it.

Our skilled nursing staff consists of licensed and experienced professionals who are trained to provide high-quality nursing care and support. They undergo competency screening, background checks, and continuous education to ensure they meet the highest standards of in-home care care.

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